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Query Letter and Submission Services

Less than 1% of unsolicited submissions to literary agents lead to an offer of representation. Let Manuscript Mentoring help you craft a killer query letter that agents can’t ignore

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Fantastic query letters that convey who you are and what your story is about 

Letters that tick all of the boxes for a literary agent submission. A professional tone, excellent comparison titles, a fantastic elevator pitch, a succinct author biography—everything you need to stand out in the slush pile.


Well-researched literary agents

Letters are composed to established literary agents with a proven track record in your book's genre.

Step-by-step submission guide included

Every query letter comes equipped with step-by-step submission guide (how to submit, what to submit, where to submit to, etc.).

Quick turnaround time

24-hour return time for every 5 query letters

Example of submission guide.

Submission Guide Example

Example of literary agent query letter.

Query Letter Example

Query Package

Price Calculator

Query Letters

5 Query Letters

10 Query Letters

SAVE 20%

20 Query Letters

SAVE 30%

Optional services

Synopsis Edit and Feedback

(up to 1,000 words)

Writing Sample Preparation

(up to 10,000 words of formatting; title page, spacing, pagination, etc.; no editing)

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  • Does Manuscript Mentoring's Book Editing service really include both developmental editing and line editing? Other editing companies split these services.
    Yes, our Book Editing service includes both developmental editing and line editing. If you place a Book Editing order, the clarity, grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling, and flow of every sentence will be checked. The book’s structural elements (characterization, plot, pacing, suspension of disbelief, etc.) will also be analyzed and critiqued. Other editing companies tend to split these services so that they can charge more.
  • What exactly is the difference between developmental editing and line editing?
    Developmental editing (also known as substantive editing) focuses on the big picture of a book, addressing structural issues, plot development, characterization, pacing, and overall coherence. It involves substantial revisions and suggestions to improve the content and organization of the work. Line editing (also known as copyediting) focuses on sentence-level improvements, enhancing clarity, flow, style, grammar, and syntax. It ensures consistency, removes redundancies, and refines the language.
  • Which fiction genres do you edit?
    All genres except erotica.
  • Do you edit nonfiction books too?
    Yes, we edit both fiction and nonfiction.
  • Can you review the in-text citations, footnotes, endnotes, and bibliography of my nonfiction book?
    Yes, we can.
  • How are files sent and received?
    Files are sent and received via email. In the rare instances where a file is too large to email, we use Dropbox, Sync, or WeTransfer (whichever is more convenient for the customer).
  • Which file types do you handle?
    We edit DOC, DOCX, DOCM, RTF, PDF, ODT, and FODT file types.
  • How do customers pay?
    A PayPal invoice is sent to your email address after you place your order. Please note that you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay a PayPal invoice. For more information on PayPal, please visit their help center.
  • Can a single project be split into multiple payments?
    Yes. However, work is delivered up to the most recent payment. So, for example, if a project consists of 90,000 words, and the agreement is for three payments, and only a single payment has been made, then 30,000 edited words will be delivered. After the second payment is made, a 60,000-word edited version of the file will be delivered. After the third payment, the whole, 90,000-word file will be delivered.
  • Will anyone besides Manuscript Mentoring see my work?
    Absolutely not. We take the privacy of our clients seriously. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.
  • Does any part of my intellectual property transfer to Manuscript Mentoring when I use any of the company’s services?
    No, your work stays your work. We offer set services for set fees—nothing more. You shouldn’t make use of any editing, proofreading, or formatting firm that requires the transfer of intellectual property.
  • Is Manuscript Mentoring affiliated with any publishing house or literary agent?
    No, we are not.

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