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Query Letter and Submission Services

Less than 1% of unsolicited submissions to literary agents lead to an offer of representation. Let Manuscript Mentoring help you craft a killer query letter that agents can’t ignore

Literary Agent Query Letters
For writers who need a professional to help them with their literary agent submissions

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Fantastic query letters that convey who you are and what your story is about 

Letters that tick all of the boxes for a literary agent submission. A professional tone, excellent comparison titles, a fantastic elevator pitch, a succinct author biography—everything you need to stand out in the slush pile.


Well-researched literary agents

Letters are composed to established literary agents with a proven track record in your book's genre.

Step-by-step submission guide included

Every query letter comes equipped with step-by-step submission guide (how to submit, what to submit, where to submit to, etc.).

Quick turnaround time

24-hour return time for every 5 query letters


Submission Guide Example


Query Letter Example

Query Package

Price Calculator

Query Letters

5 Query Letters

10 Query Letters

20 Query Letters

Optional services

Synopsis Edit and Feedback

(up to 1,000 words)

Writing Sample Preparation

(up to 10,000 words of formatting; title page, spacing, pagination, etc.; no editing)


SAVE 20%

SAVE 30%

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