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Affordable Book Editing Services

If you are a would-be author in need of detailed editing and personalized feedback, then look no further! We offer book editing services for first and final drafts and everything in between. 

What do our services cover?

Man on horse symbolizing literary narrative

Narrative Structure

Character development and the organization of plot. Is your story character or plot driven? Does its chronological order of events suit its character arcs? Whether you write speculative or literary fiction, narrative structure is a crucial part of any novel. 

Beehive symbolizing literary structure


Word choice, the complexity of sentences, and rhythm. Is your writing concise but informative? How do sentences and paragraphs transition? Are constructions devoid of repetition? Striking the right balance between information and enjoyable prose is essential. 

Dark forest symbolizing literary mood


The writer’s use of tone, setting, and theme to produce emotions in the reader. The best writing makes use of subtext and suggestion to pique and maintain reader interest

Speaking man representing narrative voice


Who is telling the story? Is it limited or omniscient? Is it written in the first or third person? Narrative voice is a deciding factor of a novel's success. 

Crowd representing book genre audience


Who are you writing for? What genre are you writing in? The writer should know the likes, dislikes, and expectations of his or her target demographic. 

Magnifying glass representing book editing and grammar


Writers should have a strong grasp of spelling, grammar, and correct word use. However, the sheer scale of writing a book can make it difficult to spot every single mistake. 

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