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For the best reading experience, ebooks should be properly formatted prior to publication. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, Apple Books, Kobo, and all other major publishers require specific file types and recommended layouts for ebook optimization. Manuscript Mentoring’s ebook formatting service covers file conversion and formatting so that you can focus on what’s important—writing great stories.

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The ebook file (DOC, DOCX, ODT, or RTF)


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2 x reflowable EPUB files (one with a cover, one without)


1 x optimized DOCX file

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What exactly do you get and how much does it cost?

File conversion.

Word (DOC, DOCX, RTF) or ODT conversion to EPUB. The original file will also be converted into an optimized DOCX file for Smashwords. In total, you will receive three formatted files: EPUB (with cover)*, EPUB (without cover), and an optimized DOCX file. The book cover has to be supplied by the writer; Manuscript Mentoring does not design book covers.


Front Matter

Your formatted files will include title and copyright pages.


A linked table of contents.

Your files will all include a linked table of contents. Certain platforms, such as Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing, require uploaded ebooks to have one.


Text consistency.

We ensure that the font type and size of your ebook are consistent throughout. This also extends to italics and boldface lettering.

Space and paragraph consistency.

We ensure that there are no double spaces between words or sentences; we also remove excess blank lines within or after paragraphs.

Chapter breaks.

We ensure that chapter breaks are properly formatted.

Lightning-fast turnaround time.

Our turnaround time is just 3 business days. Most ebook formatting companies have turnaround times of between 7 and 14 business days.

Excellent follow-up support.

We also offer follow-up support and prompt communication. Clients that struggle with any part of the ebook upload process—on any platform—can get in touch and we’ll help resolve the issue.




















up to 100,000 words


flat fee; no hidden

or additional costs

100,001—200,000 words


flat fee; no hidden

or additional costs

200,001+ words

contact us for a quote

* All prices are in USD

* Prices applicable to regular fiction only (manuscripts that do not contain endnotes, footnotes, or interior images)


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do you handle PDF files?

A: We unfortunately do not accept PDF files for formatting; we also do not format files into PDFs. Most platforms do not accept PDF files for ebook uploads—those that do have to convert them before publication, which can cause unwanted formatting/presentation issues.

Q: Do you handle files formatted in Apple's PAGES extension?

A: No, unfortunately not. 

Q: Can I still upload my formatted book to Apple Books if it is not a PAGES file?

A: Absolutely; EPUB files can be uploaded to Apple Books (in fact, Apple Books converts PAGES files to EPUB files prior to publication).

Q: Do you design book covers?

A: No, unfortunately not. Writers are required to send their book cover along with the actual ebook file to us prior to formatting.

Q: What are reflowable files and will my files be reflowable?

A: Reflowable means that a file’s font and spacing can be changed to suit the reader’s preferences. All ebook files should be reflowable, so yes—books formatted by Manuscript Mentoring are reflowable and ready for upload to any of the major online publishers.

Q: Do you offer any other services?

A: Yes! In addition to ebook formatting, we also offer proofreading and developmental editing services. Please see our Proofreading and Editing page for more information.

Q: Do I have to have a PayPal account to settle a PayPal invoice?

A: No, you don't. The platform also accepts credit and debit card payments from non-account holders.

Q: Does any part of my intellectual property transfer to Manuscript Mentoring when I use any of the company’s services?

A: No, your work stays your work. We offer set services in exchange for set fees—nothing more. You shouldn’t make use of any firm that requires the transfer of intellectual property. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.